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The RetroCade Synth would not have been possible without the support and backing of the Kickstarter community. I was not sure that there was enough interest in this sort of device to warrant the time it would take to make it. The Kickstarter backers provided the feedback required to move forward.

I want to thank all the Kickstarter backers for their support and also wanted to make this special page to thank the Kickstarter backers who went even further to help get the RetroCade off the ground. There were two special groups that contributed additional funding to help kickstart the RetroCade. There was a Sponsor level and a Prototyper level who really helped out with their extra contribution. This page is a thank you for that support, not only for our Sponsor and Prototyper levels, but for all Kickstarter backers. Thank you all, without your support their would be no RetroCade Synth!


Jack Gassett

Special thanks to our Sponsor Level Backer!:

  • Benjamin Perrault

And to the Prototype Backers:

Dave Ackley
Chand Svare Ghei
Raul RodriguezDigitalTree/Biercade
Andre Motzkus
Ian Dickson 

Please visit our kickstarter project page here for a full backer list.

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